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Any one know of SilverMax scent elimination system

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I have been told this is a new scent elimination system SilverMax by Medalist. Anyone know of them or use it . If yes what do you think of it .They say it's the new scent elimination system & its better then carbon
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Regardless of the claims of any scent controlled clothing there is still a misconception that you are really scent free. What about the outside of the clothing? Carbon and silver don't do anything for that. Many elements can come into contact with the clothing that will spook game. Sure there are sprays for that, but are they really that effective? I am still having a hard time believing a lot of the hype.
Dicks Sporting Goods has the No Scent silver lined stuff for half the price of the Silver Max. They call it ES3
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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