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Any one know of SilverMax scent elimination system

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I have been told this is a new scent elimination system SilverMax by Medalist. Anyone know of them or use it . If yes what do you think of it .They say it's the new scent elimination system & its better then carbon
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I understand how silver max, X-scent, and other silver based scent elimination products work. Just as you said, they prevent bacteria from growing on you, and reduce your scent extremely well. I use them, and think they work great.

What I don't understand is how using silver technology on anything but base layers works. Only the base layers are next to your skin, and only the base layers will prevent the bacteria from growing on you.

Seems to me, if you are buying silver based garments that are outer wear, or not next to your skin, the silver in them is not doing anything for you except draining your wallet.
NJ Bowhuntr here's about 10 or 15 reasons why to by silvermax other than just the bacteria thing.
Actually, all of those except two still only make sense when talking about base layers. And these two:


Silver has an infrared (IR) rating of greater than 95%, the highest of any element. That means over 95% of radiative energy that contacts silver will be reflected back to its source. SilverMax minimizes radiative heat loss by actively reflecting the body's energy back to the skin. SilverMaxapparel designed for cold weather will be significantly warmer than apparel without.

Silver has one of the lowest emissivity ranges of any element, which means it radiates thermal energy very slowly. Silver remains warm for a very long time. Any heat not reflected back to the body will be dispersed and stored in the fiber for an extended period of time. As a result, SilverMax apparel will keep you warmer longer.
...sound as dubious as the claims of carbon clothing makers. Maybe it is so, but there are many great garments with great insulating properties on the market that do as well, or better at keeping you warm than silver technology does.

Just my two cents, silver is great for base layers, but you're not doing much by paying for it in outerwear.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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