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Any one know of SilverMax scent elimination system

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I have been told this is a new scent elimination system SilverMax by Medalist. Anyone know of them or use it . If yes what do you think of it .They say it's the new scent elimination system & its better then carbon
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Our whole team is now using this system. Silvermax is the way to go. You don't need special carbon clothes wash. As long as you keep your body clean your good because the way it works is it prevents bacteria from growing on you. If you are clean before you go in the woods you won't be stinky during your hunt with silvermax. This link will send you to what I believe is a perfect jersey cold weather set up. You can add base layers and then you will be all hooked up. I think it's awesome how they have and entire silvermax line now. I believe the anchorage is best value for cold nj weather.
NJ Bowhuntr here's about 10 or 15 reasons why to by silvermax other than just the bacteria thing. Hope this helps.
NJ bowhuntr this is a quality product that I believe in. I'm not asking you to. To be perfectly honest it will be hard to find a comparable product to this in terms of price with or without silver lining. Have you actually felt the product in person? It's really quiet and light weight. If you haven't give it a shot? Think about it what's the going price for a well made pair of insulated pants? about 175 bucks right? And what's the going price for a well made insulated jacket or parka? silver or not silver your still not "throwing" money away as they are comparitively priced. You do get a excellent product for the money with Medalist silvermax.
Shawnm the baselayers will work great in combination with your existing scent lok. I know for a fact that Cheyenne Mt Outfitters carries it in Bordentown NJ. I would call over to Garden State up by you to see if Dino Carries it. I wash my hunting clothes every two hunts. But I spray the outside thoroughly the night before and let the spray dry outdoors the night before the morning or afternoon I"m hunting.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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