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Any members here hunt Picatinny Arsenal?

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Heard its pretty good there, only open to military, Army employees.
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I am an Army employee at the Arsenal, and I will be bow hunting there this year. There sure is a lot of land to cover, I have no idea where I should start scouting.
I've seen some large racks on the berkshire valley rd side of the mountain. Lots of bears also, And its the only place in N.J. that I have seen porcupines. Kind of tuff to hunt on that side. Most deer seem to be on the side of the mountain.
I am going to find folks that have hunted the Arsenal to see if they will share some information, and then I will start scouting the creek beds for deer trails. The Berkshire Valley Rd side is in front of my building and the slope is pretty steep with little cover for a bow hunter. I haven't checked out how far up and over the ridge I can hunt, nor what the terrain is like on the top. I will make an effort to check out the rear less populated portion of the Arsenal where the deer remain undisturbed more of the time. There are access roads to get in back there, I just need to figure how to get to them.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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