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Any members here hunt Picatinny Arsenal?

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Heard its pretty good there, only open to military, Army employees.
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I hunt Picatinny Bo. Ive seen some great bucks here. I took a nice mature 5pt 2 years ago.(no brow tines).I didnt hunt much last year because of my wedding and such but this year I'll be hunting for sure. The problem is they really loosened the bag limits here. and the guys that hunt with muzzle loader and shot gun just drive the heck out of the place. I've noticed a real drop in deer the last couple of years. also I work in an enclosure within the arsenal and I saw tons of deer but now they are building all over the place up here and it really has affected the deer.
LOl drag , I only bow hunt the property. Not many guys bow hunt here. and we have over 6 thousand acers. The guys that do hunt during the gun season really push the deer hard and have shot a ton of deer.I'm sure they will and have pushed a few your way.
Whelan,yep I work at Picatinny. Sorry the name doesnt sound familar. There are almost 3000 people that work all over the arsenal.
I'm kinda off by myself where I work Just a small group. Kinda nice actually
yea we went,caught a bunch of fish, lots of shorts. we each caught a couple of keepers.It was rough on him though. With the chemo he burnt really bad, got sun poisoning on his lower arms and hands.but it was good to get him out.
I've never heard not to eat the fish out of there hmm ive eaten crappie,perch and trout from all the various lakes there.The trout are stocked so I guess they arent a problem. the venison was fine too.
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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