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Anti-Hunters: What do you guys think?

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What do you guys think I should do when the antis get wind of this site? Should I ban (and delete) the person when they register?

As far as I am concerned they have their own web sites/forums.
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People already have a problem with Joe the Italian Bowhunting Cop's New Jersey black bear on the homepage.

Note: The homepage image is random... so Joe's bear does not display every time.
The antis will organize an attack on this site... try to slow it down...make it unusable.
I'm very big into PETA. I Became a member The day my father gave me my first piece of venison.
I am a proud member of PEOPLE EATING TAYSTY ANIMALS.
And 2 years ago i recruted my son. last year my daughter. WE all love being part of peta.
I only had one that found my site so far . Once they made a post about animal rights I booted them and deleated that thread .

I'll let anyone join and post how they feel about something BUT , first sign of an ANTI and it's a boot you know where !
I say F**K them and the horse they rode in on
I tried having a conversation with them on's forums... but no one really wanted to talk "normally".
What was your name on Were you talking to NBK and dunit? LOL!
Debate is one thing but attacks should be deleted and the poster booted! Remember the chance of changing an anti's mind is slim to none! What you want to do in debates is use facts with links to back them up if you can. Never attack with name calling or threats and make sure that if a non-hunter/non anti reads it they will see hunters in a good light! Let the anti rant and rave so the nuetral party see's them in a bad light!
Don't trust them for a second! This is thier goal!
I tried having a conversation with them on's forums... but no one really wanted to talk "normally".
Your wasting your time over at that Hunting NJO forum. I call it WITG (where the idiots go)

see for yourselves:
The only time we should debate these a$$holes is when the non hunting public is watching. This way the people we need to win over will see the obsurdity of the animal rights wackos position and the logic of ours.

The non hunting public is not on this site so I say ban the morons. Idiots like NBK only disrupt things.
i think you should let them say what they have to say....if i have a topic that you dont agree with will i be banned?
The non hunting public is not on this site so I say ban the morons. Idiots like NBK only disrupt things.

All you have to do over at that NJO Hunting forum is hit the unapproprite ALERT posting button and complain about his postings. NJO will delete his postings for yas. So all you guys go to that forum and just ring up that alert to NJO on NBK and they will delete his postings
If you know they are a anti, double lung them!
Let everyone join in, but at the first sign that they are an, Anti trying to cause problems, dump them. Let them appeal your decision directly to you and you can discuss it with your moderators.
Hey Drag- add one more rule to the sign on. If you have zero posts in 90 days your deleted. If you don't want to introduce yourself or have something to offer than delete. It's bad manners not to say hello. Maybe they were curious and just passing through. Narrow the field and I guess the feeling is most non posters are suspect or just signing in once? I don't really care if an anti is on the site unless the endless debate continues on for days. The typical anti portait is a bunch of non accomplished home bodies with no hobbies carrying signs marching around a parking lot contributing absolutely nothing to improve habitat. Then later they want to drain resources by filing lawsuits. Zero contributors to wildlife.Just sad people looking for a cause to justify empty meaningless lives. We teach our kids conservation and hunting. They teach poster making, marching, and lawsuits. How sad for them. Ignore them unless they continue whining then delete them.
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