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With the up coming bear hunt there is potential for hunter- protester conflicts. Remember guys we are protected. Here is the law.

23:7A-2. Prevention of lawful taking of wildlife prohibited
2. No person may, for the purpose of hindering or preventing the lawful taking of wildlife:

a. block, obstruct, or impede, or attempt to block, obstruct, or impede, a person lawfully taking wildlife;

b. erect a barrier with the intent to deny ingress to or egress from areas where wildlife may be lawfully taken;

c. make, or attempt to make, unauthorized physical contact with a person lawfully taking wildlife;

d. engage in, or attempt to engage in, theft, vandalism, or destruction of personal or real property;

e. disturb or alter, or attempt to disturb or alter, the condition or authorized placement of personal or real property intended for use in the lawful taking of wildlife;

f. enter or remain upon public lands or waters, or upon private lands or waters without permission of the owner thereof or an agent of that landowner, where wildlife may be lawfully taken;

g. make or attempt to make loud noises or gestures, set out or attempt to set out animal baits, scents, or lures or human scent, use any other natural or artificial visual, aural, olfactory, or physical stimuli, or engage in or attempt to engage in any other similar action or activity, in order to disturb, alarm, drive, attract, or affect the behavior of wildlife or disturb, alarm, disrupt, or annoy a person lawfully taking wildlife; or

h. interject himself into the line of fire of a person lawfully taking wildlife.

Subsections a., b., e., f., and g. of this section shall not apply to a law enforcement officer or conservation officer enforcing the laws of this State or any local ordinance, or a private landowner or agent thereof on land or waters owned by that private landowner.


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my friend went to the first bear hunt and there were antis waiting at his spot in the he just went home and decided to come back in the afternoon. when he got back in the afternoon, they were still there. he decided to just go into the woods despite the protestors. he started walking in and they followed him. he was in the woods about a mile and then decided to start running. he started running and the antis attempted to keep up. he ran about anothe quarter of a mile and the antis followed. he ran over a ridge and made a quick right and hid. they kept running deeper into the woods. by the time he made it out of the woods, it was very dark. he left them stranded in the middle of the woods without a flashlight or anything... thats what id do if ever confronted with and anti...:D
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