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another one of my fishing goals completed (pic)

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One of my goals that I set for myself this year was to win a LMB fishing tournament. I havent been able to fish many tournaments due to baseball in the spring and other kinds of crap but lately I have been getting out.

Two weeks ago I took 3rd place in a Tourney and lost to 2nd place by a tenth of an ounce!

I pre fished last sunday and had a nice limit, 3 fish for around 6lbs. All solids 2lber.

Today was different, I fished out of my own boat a little 10ft jon with a 55lb thrust TM. I was the fastest boat out there LOL.

I headed right to the back of the lake (cooper river)and stayed in a 100 yard strech of water for nearly 2 hours picking away at fish. I pulled out a 2.5lber, a little 13" fish and a 2lber all within 50 yards of themselves so I stuck with it. All my fish were caught on a jig so far. After going without a fish for a half hour I decided to run to another spot that was similar in structure type but it didnt pan out.

After that I hit up a overhang that usually has some nice fish in it, as every time I fish it I catch solid 2-3lbers. Well it was a great idea as I pulled out my lunker going 2.71lbs. I was able to cull my dink 13" fish and now had a pretty nice limit!

I kept going and going, looking for some more good fish and ended up culling one more time getting rid of a fish that was a little over 2lbs getting rid of my just about 2lber lol.

I knew I had what it took, so I kind of just poked around and tried some deeper water hopeing for a real big girl. Right by the boat ramp I caught a 1.5lber on a crank bait right in front of a guy and he couldnt believe I had 3 fish bigger then that...This was a good feeling haha.

I weighted in first and had a lunker at 2.71lbs and a 3 fish limit for 7.35lbs

My first ever win :D and first lunker win!

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Good job Chris, congrats!! I'm looking for another win tomo, goin for 2 in a row. What club do you belong to, or did you fish with?
congrats chris awesome[up]
Congrats Chris....[up][up]
Great job[up] How many people in the tourney?
What club do you belong to
riverside bass club

How many people in the tourney?
8 people? which is really sad. should of been like 20.

But I had a really good bag that would of won any day for this lake.

2nd place only had 5lbs so I won by a lot[up]
Cool congrats[up][up][up]
WTG, congrats, Chris!! [up][up]
Congrats. Your a fishing machine.
A fine achievement Chris . . . Congratulations [up]
riverside bass club
Cool, how long do you guys fish for? I have tourney's going into Nov. Is anyone able to fish your tourney, or is it members only?
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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