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I got this from my local paper in Easton Pa, it is from the letter to the editor section

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N.J. bear hunt idea illogical
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I totally disagree with The Express-Times' opinion (editorial, June 19) that a bear hunt is needed in New Jersey. I really can tell that this paper is published in Pennslytucky by a bunch of inbred hillbillies!

I live in Hope Township and see bears everyday. Yes, it is startling to run into a bear in your backyard, but every one I have run into runs the other way. I like the bears and it is one reason I moved from Morris County to Warren County. They are beautiful and majestic creatures.

The problem with your reasoning is that if you kill everything that is cumbersome or annoying to certain individuals, you take away from the rest of us who enjoy these things. My suggestion to the people who want to kill animals is to save the world and kill yourselves.

You mention the "bear problem." Well, I have a "people problem." When will it be legal to take out the people who are causing problems for me? Killing does not solve any "problems." Take your guns and shoot yourselves.


Hope Township

What a freaking joke!!!!

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This guy should do us all a favor and go pet one of them Bears he loves so much. Then maybe play with it's cub. This is the type of person who's kid gats carried into the woods by a Bear. Some people just don't get it. [mad]

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This is from the "bear show must go on" thread:

It's not merely that back in 2003 Treadwell made the mistake of camping deep in grizzly territory in Alaska with no weapon or bear repellent. It's that he brought along an innocent bystander, a girlfriend whom he had assured that grizzlies don't bite. Alas, they do. Treadwell found that out when he confronted a 1,000-pounder outside his tent. The audio track on his video camera captured his words as, in a deathbed conversion to self-defense, he implored the unfortunate woman to come out and start beating the bear with a frying pan. The poor woman calculated that her odds were better inside the tent, but the grizzly eventually killed her as well.

This is whats going to happen to one of these Bear group wacko's trying to prove that black bears are harmless too... They just don't get it... No, black bears don't get as big as Grizzlies but a 600 pounder is no slouch!!!!
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