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This morning, four bear activists fell victim to a sting operation
orchestrated by two hunters they had encountered in the woods
yesterday, as well as park rangers and Division of Fish and Wildlife
staff. These peaceful, nonviolent people were only trying to rescue
wounded bears while documenting the hunt on videotape. Yesterday,
these same two hunters shot a bear within close proximity to these
activists. The rescuers followed the blood trail, but the bear was

The hunters cut the bear open, discarded her entrails, and hauled
her body out of the woods. They left behind the bear's heart,
clearly visible against the white snow. These activists discovered
the bloody entrails of one of their bear neighbors.

Today, the bear rescuers were engaged by those same two hunters,
along with an additional hunter who was wearing a ski mask. They
said they were from South Jersey and were hunting practically in the
backyard of one of the activists, who they called by name and
obviously recognized.

The hunters were taunting the activists, using racial slurs, but at
no point did the activists restrict the movement of these hunters or
interfere with their ability to hunt. In fact, the activists were
walking away from the hunters when they heard someone shout
out, "Clear the area!" They were frightened for their lives because
they had no idea that the police, park rangers, and Division of Fish
and Wildlife staff were there. Once they realized they were
officers, the activists were calmly escorted out of the woods.

Later, they discovered the hunter wearing the ski mask was a park

We will update you as things progress.

11 am - 1 pm at Wawayanda State Park in Vernon, NJ



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