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NJARA changes name to Animal Protection League of New Jersey...

But does a name change hide its sordid past associations with ecoterrorists? If the same people remain in the organization does it change their purpose?

Here NJARA's new name and website.

Animal Protection League of NJ (APLNJ) is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to ending animal exploitation.

To reach this goal, we have formed a unique organization that has taken its message to the streets, to the people, to the government. We have forged alliances with animal rights activists throughout New Jersey, the United States and the world.

We are a no-nonsense group strictly focused on our bottom line--the animals. We are tight-knit and unmovable in our passion for doing what is right for the animals who live each and everyday of their lives in agony.

We encourage and empower people to become active and join the fight for animal liberation! Activism always begins at home, in our local communities. We are grassroots and strong.

Do you maintain that animals have the right to live a life free from suffering, exploitation, and abuse? If so, then what are you waiting for? The animals need you to join APLNJ. By joining APLNJ, you become part of a growing number of people who will no longer condone, by their silence, the suffering of millions of animals.

Animal Protection League of NJ
PO Box 174, Englishtown, NJ 07726
Voice: 732-446-6808 / Fax: 732-446-0227

When NJARA's name (New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance) was first decided, just about everyone loved it immediately. I've loved it since its inception. In the 1980s, the concept of "animal rights" was growing in popularity and demand, although derided by opponents (Schopenhauer's first stage). In the 1990s, the term animal rights was starting to strike a cord in our opposition, who set out to disgrace and discredit us as animal rights activists (the second stage).

Over time, discussions with individuals who were dedicated to animal rights became long winded arguments over our name. Time and again, people (who were members of numerous animal protection groups) commented on how they would like to join NJARA, but were not "into" animal rights. We were strong in our beliefs for animal rights so we dismissed this and remained committed to our name. We said people would just have to accept it.

We no longer have the time to argue over our name. We must continue our mission and do whatever is necessary to complete our work. In that vein, NJARA's Board of Directors made a decision to change our organization's name. The new name still reflects the type of work we do but will be a help, not a hindrance, in garnering support. Our goals, policies, and charter will remain the same and our numerous programs aimed at ending animal abuse and exploitation will continue, unchanged.

Our new name is Animal Protection League of New Jersey (APLNJ). We hope that once everyone gets past the surprise they will jump on board quickly and help us promote our new name. It's tangible and will bring in more people from the mainstream - the animals need everyone . It will allow us to work with organizations inside NJ that do not want to work with "rights" organizations. Our name will no longer impede our progress, it will advance it. Please email me with any questions, concerns or comments.
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