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Activists who advocate violence and destruction in the name of animal rights directed workshops and information sessions during the Animal Rights 2005 conference on July 7-11 in Los Angeles.

A report from Americans for Medical Progress (AMP), which protects society’s investment in medical research, told how conference attendees heard speakers defend illegal and dangerous actions in the name of animal rights.

According to the report, Kevin Kjonaas, founder of the group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)-USA claimed that the animal rights movement is “at a crossroads. Some people may die fighting, but it is worth fighting for.”

According to AMP Kjonaas is currently under indictment for several federal domestic terrorism counts. He faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted of every count against him. He told the audience that he was compelled to tone down his language since he is under indictment, saying that, if he is convicted, “it could send a precedent that outlaws animal rights; that animal liberation is illegal.”
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