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Andrea's Toy striper trip 1 spot opens

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I got a call yesterday Brian Reed set up a charter
for Sat.May23rd. We need to fill one spot anyone
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Freddy still has the boat in Keyport Browns Point Marina.We are looking to fill 1 spot but could fill 2
We fill one spot it's 5 pack we fill 2 spots it's a 6.
With 5 guys $160 (plus) tip With six $160 (with) tip.
Last week we were away from dock at 5:30am back at 3:00pm we had 5 guys and even on a bad day we put 7 stripers in da box[up]
went on this boat last year made you pee of the side of the boat,and made part of our charter snagging bunkers 1 hour they took of the length of the trip..[down]
I don't know where you are coming from there is a head or over da side is fine with me whats you problem don't want us to know it's jus so little it's ok no one can see da little guy. Don't know how many charters U do a year but none better than Freddy or Carlos. U don't like da boat just
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and made part of our charter snagging bunkers 1 hour they took of the length of the trip..
I was just thinking hey Scrub could it be.
You know who I'm talking about go on a $200 per guy charter and brings he son to fish for free.[rofl]
On a bss trip wants a credit for time spent getting bunker. Na the world can't be that small.[rofl][wallmad]
well its ok for me but there were ladys on the boat and they were told to go in a spackle bucket if you are the capt of this boat IT SUCKED.
I mate and Help run the boat.. these two captains are top notch.. Snagging bunker oceanside can instantly turn into a huge bass on every snag.. Fishing is Fishing.. and i enjoy snagging bunker.. Everyone Capt. and crew has a bad trip for every great trip!

Capt. Joe G
we were not allowed to fish while the capt caught bunker and put them in the live well for an hour,moved to another spot to fish and then cut our trip short because he wasted an hour of our time getting bait.because he wasnt prepared[down]
by the way the boat was nice but the service lacked
Joe your right up there with the best[up][up]
the capt. name was mike
What was unfortunate for you was you may have head a fill in Capt. for the boat.. I will say that I'm glad you stated that its was not the above to mentioned.. Its hard to please everyone but harded when fishing conditions hit a slump!!! I think you opinion ansd statements are issues Capt. Freddy and Capt. Carlos take very seriously....

Joe your right up there with the best
Thanks Bill.. Looking forward to see you on the water that weekend.. By the way the big girls are here!! pics to come late tonite.. I have a pm trip tonite and am trip tomorrow..

Thanks Capt Joe G
I fished with Andreas Toy once before with Capt. Carlos, first class boat and service. He really took care of us and we caught lots of fish which was a bonus to an overall great experience.
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