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When on patrol, I have been seeing more and more deer on the midnight tour. I have been seeing two bucks on a regular basis. One is a beauty. The second is huge....and I mean huge. Definitly one for the book. One night, a couple of weeks ago, I saw the huge buck bedding in the middle of a field. As I watched him I saw, what I thought was a doe with him and two smaller animals. The doe turned out to be a small spike and the small animals were two foxes. All were laying together within feet of each other..... Much to my surprize, the buck allowed a fox to climb on his back like a mountain goat climbing a mountain peak. The buck only looked bcak at him. Laughing my butt off, I turned on my patrol cars camera but the fox got off the bucks back before I could capture the incident. Then I started to think that the buck was hurt. Just then the small spike got up and walked over to the huge buck and tried to initiate a sparring match. The big buck appeared to be uninterested but eventually got up and butted heads with the smaller spike. After a minute of lite sparring, the huge buck showed his dominance and pushed the small spike back with vigor. After watching (and filming) the event,I tried to use my units air horn to scare the buck back into the woods away from the road so he did'nt get hit by a car. (I do this on a regular basis.) The buck trotted off (with a limp) but then stopped; so, I continued to film him. The foxes ran with him like they were old friends. Then the buck got the urge to crap so he lifted his tail and pooped. One of the foxes ran over to the bucks butt and started to eat his poop. I was laughing my [no swearing please] off. To make matters worse, as the buck pooped again, the fox was standing there looking up at the bucks butt like he was waiting for a Pez from a Pez despenser. As the coco puffs fell, the fox caught them. Yuck.....After watching that wonderful scene, I laid on the airhorn and the buck took off at full speed....and the foxes, they ran along side him like he was their big brother. I have to send this video to an outdoor show. Maybe it will qualify for a prize. Anyone with suggestions (or an address to send it to) let me know. Dave
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