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Amwell Valley Sportsmens Club

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Found this...

The Amwell Valley Sportsmens Club is looking to fill 4-6 openings.

We are located in Hunterdon County between Ringoes and Lambertville.

There is a $200.00 initiation fee and dues
are $500.00 per year.

We currently have 800 acres available for hunting. This includes private leases and wildlife management areas that surround our

Anyone interested can call John Varga (Bordentown area) at 609-291-0080, Jeff Proccacini(Trenton Area) at 609-883-2042 or Steve Varga (South Jersey) at 856-983-7232.
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Hey....... They are counting WMA land in that 800acres???? Come pay me $500 a year and I'll let you hunt the 3000 acre wma in my back yard! lol...
800 acres of private land + wma land for 500 a year is a good deal depending on how many members and how many huntable acres they have....
How can the state have a WMA with no access??? You worry me sometimes Drag.....[confused]:D
Zone 8 is where I hunt... Some real nice land out there... Some real nice bucks too....
Send me $500 and I'll see what I can do.....;)
Ahhhhhhhh thats what I meant.....No deer and ugly bad land.... Everyone should look into other zones and stay away from the wasteland called zone 8... Sorry MS22... I lost my mind there for a second...;)
You know what I really want to know is where did all these cool avtars come from??? Woj is styl'en with that new buck and Drag with that raccoon bait....Nice!![up][up]
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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