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Point Pleasant, N.J.—Another early-season hot spot to angle for winter flounder happens to lie in the reaches of upper Barnegat Bay. Gunner’s Ditch is hot during the early springtime months of March and April and offers a great first shot at the tiny-mouthed scrappers.

Gunner’s Ditch lies as far as you can go in the uppermost part of what is Barnegat Bay, and basically borders and shares the waters of the Metedeconk River delta. The stretch considered the actual Gunner’s Ditch is a small area roughly 30 yards, but tell you what, for a teeny area, it sure packs a punch. The depth can range from 4 to 9 feet on the extreme tides, and the ditch is actually a nicely carved underwater channel that practically hugs the shoreline, funneling water and bait through it. It is within casting distance of the shoreline, though all the land on that side is privately owned, so unless you’re feeling lucky, don’t chance a run-in with the law.

Anglers anchored up will try to pick and set up on the edges of each side of the ditch, where the flatties lay in ambush on the tide changes to engulf their stomach-filling morsels of crab, mussel, bloodworms, sandworms, clam and other critters that get sucked out or in with the tide.

Since the area is so small, it is tough to double anchor, and therefore it is best to work a nicely stuffed chumpot filled with mussel or clam chum off each side of the boat, and drop your lines in off the stern. Keep that pot moving, creating a ruckus below that will truly stir up some mud-stained flounder into a feeding frenzy.

Call Brielle Bait & Tackle (732-528-5720) for info. — Nick Honachefsky
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