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All terrain vehicles

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Does anybody know if the NJF&W enforces the use of ATVs on State Land? They are tearing up the woods where I hunt. I was out this morning and seen alot of new trails thru out woods.
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NO ATVs on any public ground in NJ, or at least where I hunt
no atvs even if they are registered with plates from PA?
NO ATVs on any public ground in NJ, or at least where I hunt
Would think a police officer will know the law. Right BHC?
they want you to regester it but they won't let you ride it on state land. how's that for a messed up law
F&W doesn't have the money or man power to patrol and chase ATV's and dirtbikes all day! There isn't much they can do about it....ATV's are on most if not all pieces of state land (and a lot of private land) and without the man power and money it's not a problem that will go away any time soon...
Is it worth a call to the F&G, to file a complaint?
It doesn't hurt to let them know but like I said there isn't much that will or can be done about it! Too much land to cover for the man power and not enough money to hire more help!
too many ATV's are tearing up the state lands. I agree,there is more manpower needed for enforcement...
It's too bad the guys ripping it up ruin it for the rest of us. Behind my house is the Wildcat WMA. The property is a lot of steep hills and deep ravines. I would love to be allowed to ride a quad back there just to help my dad get in and out and to get a deer or bear out of there. There are plenty of old fire roads and old 4 wheel drive trails through there so you wouldn't hurt any of the plants or wildlife...It would be cool if you could get a permit to do that. Have the quad registered and insured and a set of rules to follow...
I think if they spent a month or so cracking down in a few of the more heavily used areas. The word would get out and alleviate some of this illegal activity.I have seen quad tracks at Kittatinny SP, Wawayanda SP, Ringwood SP,swartswood SP, Hartshorne woods and Allamuchy. Then when they get hurt they sue. Got to do something!!!
It just takes a few bad apples to ruin it for all of us.
How about designating a few areas to ride in, so JerseyJim and others have a place to play.
Then they can invite us on an NJH quadathon.
I live in Sayreville (centralNj) We have a 600 acre preserve that is maintained by the town,for years ATVs torn that area up. In the last few months the local PD cracked down by fining and impounding vehicles.I think the state should invest in a special unit to curb all damages that are being done to ruin our forest.
I read or heard the state is looking into designating areas for riding. Dont remember all the details, but if I remember correctly, the state was reviewing other states policies, rules, and regs, to adopt. The state realizes the cost for manpower to chase these people out of the woods is out of control in comparison to the actual results.

I'll try to dig up the source and post.
Keep us posted Kevo! I would be very interested to see what they are thinking about doing...
no atv on state land period , you can get a permit if you are handicap
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