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I don't know, I read that article with mixed emotions... It seems like the Anchorage "powers that be" are doing what they are supposed to.... Raising fines for improper garbage storage/disposal and increasing hunting opportunities, euthanizing problem bears on a case by case basis.....

If you knowingly move into bear country, you need to be prepared to live a certain way. Seems like the bears are just being bears.

Having said that, NJ legislators don't even acknowledge that there is a bear problem..... I have a friend who lives in white township that has a bear that comes around regularly and while the bear has not showed any aggression, it is definitely NOT afraid of humans, after many many calls to fish and game, they say there is nothing they can do.....

If they re-instate the hunt and thin out the numbers so many of tese issues would go away!!

I just don't get the guy who thinks tat all the bears in twn should be killed..... to me that's ridiculous....
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