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Hows everyones acorn crops looking so far this year?
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great....every year is great this year is even better.
I just returned from scouting this morning and I noticed some acorns were starting to drop. The deer didnot move to much this week i guess because of the heat.
Well, we had those bad dry spells, but we evened it out with a lot of rain not too long back, so the mast production should be pretty good.

In a way thats great, because it really gives the deer a lot of acorns to eat, and helps them start the winter with more fat, and nutrients, which equals bigger, healthier deer next year.

On the other hand, if a lot of trees are producing and dropping, hunting the acorns gets a lot harder, because the deer have choices.

I much prefer a single white-oak tree dropping. The deer are drawn to it like a magnet![up]

Have a good one---Matt:)
Ever taste an acorn? If not give it a try. I've tried both white and red and the red was very bitter,but the white was a little sweeter,no wonder deer like the whites so much.
Yeah, Ive tried them, and white's are better, even mountain oak, which is a type of white oak, is better than reds.

But to be honest, they are all pretty nasty. I had to spit them out. I can chew them to get the taste, but theres no way Im gonna swallow that crap.[down]
Lol... I hear ya Matty,that bitter taste doesn't leave your mouth right away either
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