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Abandoned beaver dam causes stir
Friday, October 28, 2005
For the Star-Ledger
Trout Unlimited's North New Jersey chapter picked Nov. 5 as the day members and volunteers will head to Sussex County and commit crimes against nature.

That's the way some people view the group's plan to dismantle an old beaver dam blocking the Little Flatbrook. Chapter president Rick Ege was surprised when he checked the organization's e-mail shortly after the plan was mentioned in this column a few weeks ago. You'd think he was recruiting Great Plains buffalo killers for an 1879-style slaughterfest.

It didn't matter that the beaver dam in question was long ago abandoned by its (tree-killing) creators. The offended writers also seem to care little that the dam's existence is harming not only the Flatbrook's hatchery-raised stocked trout, but also their wild brethren.

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What will this do to other species besides trout once this is dismantled? Waterfowl, muskrats, other fish species, insects,. I vote just let nature take its course, having a monoculture of a species doesnt work, etc. deer.
Look what deer do to some areas with over browsing. They destroy so much on the forest floor that other species can't compete.
I know how important trout fishing is to some people. Just something to chew on? Being sportsmen I feel we need to look outside the box a bit.
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