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I dunno, I just started it fooling around tonight, and this is what I came up with.

Merry Christmas to all my NJH buddies. God Bless our Troops. (Sorry the layout got all screwed up when I cut and pasted it from MS Word. Hope you get it.)

A Hunter’s Christmas Eve
By TS Penn, 12/24/11

T’was the eve before Christmas, three hours till dark
I grabbed my bow and headed for the woods… just on a lark
I crept into forest with stealth and silence, my bow in hand
My eyes always scanning, my ears a blazing, on the way to my stand
I climbed to my stand up those sticks I had fastened tight with great care
No rattle, no ruckus, as I climbed, in hope tonight the deer would be there
Then I heard such a clatter and turned to look and see
A big fat man, 8 orange clad 14 point reindeer, coming my way on a camo ATV
Those reindeer and that fat spotted me in the blink of an eye
We exchanged smiles and a nod, I put down my musket, and I waved them all by
As they disappeared up over the hill , the woods seemed to celebrate and come alive
With offerings of great harvest but I let them all pass by
They knew I was there, but danced and pranced in range without care
Then I spotted a long and wide golden trail of corn, the fat man had left there
I felt this a night to just take it all in, for any night in the woods is fine with me
To be part of the cycle, not a witness, but kin to the ground I will be
See things that most folks will never ever see
I am a hunter, a staple of nature, a participant on ground or in a tree
For to become part of nature is to truly be free
As the sun went down, when my feet touched the ground, if I heard it right
From over the hill…in the distance…
I heard Merry Christmas to All… and to all a goodnight.

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Sorry about stealing your thread.. This is my favorite version.

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