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Corzine has made it very clear that he will ban hunting in NJ as well as limt or eliminate the sale and distribution of firearms.

He made a statement to the effect that hunters can buy their meat from the store like everyone else.

He would also like the state to sell some of its 'assets' to balance the budget.

This does not start an end with the sale of the NJ TPK, which will only amount to a toll increase rather than a saving. He will no doubt look to the WMA's and State lands to offer developers.

He has made no pledges that he will spare the state's lands. He looks upon our state as if it is a 'distressed corporation'. We are not employees of a distressed corporation, we are taxpayers caught in the machinations of a corrupt system.

How rediculous was it for the state to allow so many developements to encroach WMA's and forrests, but it continues to allow it.

NJ : used to be the Garden State - now it is the Garden Apartment State

It will start with bear, then deer, then geese.
The firearms and tools used in the pursuit of game will be rendered obsolete within the state's borders.

Alternate means of wildlife control is nothing less than "let's find a way to eliminate hunting".

Every hunter in the State should be marching on Trenton demanding Campbell's resignation. It almost happened - but, collectively, the hunters' hearts are too big and allowed Campbell a second chance.

We will not get a second chance once it is legislated that an 'alternate means under a comprehensive plan' has been determined "effective".

The meeting tonight will send a strong message to those in attendance, however, if Corzine is elected - the bear meeting tonight will be of no consequence.
Corzine will appoint the people to get "HIS" plan executed.

The voting booth will determine the future of hunting in NJ.

Fellow NJ Sportsmen, we have a long fight ahead of us. Don't give up and don't give in.
I don't think most people realize how true this is. Corzine sees the state lands as assets he can liquidate to put the state back in the black...not as assets to the taxpayers. While hunting may never be banned, if you sell off enough lands, hatcheries and other F & W properties, it will be significantly reduced, and since there is lees activity, you need fewer employees to administer the Divisions responsibilities, and no one will care if less money is coming in via hunting and fishing licenses because there will be fewer employees, less equipment and a substantially smaller budget that has to be less revenue in is no big problem.

Corzine will bring about the rapid destruction of the things we like to do as outdoors men and women in NJ...there is no debate about that.
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