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Corzine should sign bill on Sunday bow hunting

Published: Monday, April 13, 2009

It is little wonder why there are so many misperceptions regarding the bill awaiting the governor's signature to allow bow hunting on Sunday. New Jersey is a place where the roots of rural rearing and "living off of the land" are mere acres from the treadmill of metropolitan life and an existence dependent on modern conveniences.

This legislation is founded on the precept of conservation. In the case of deer, an overabundance eventually leads to the devouring of forest undergrowth, a food source that sustains not only deer but other wildlife.

The state Division of Fish & Wildlife uses science as the foundation for determining excess deer populations and then institutes strict "bag limits" as a means for hunters to cull the excess deer. Deer culling also provides food for the hunter and his or her family.

Hunting is also eco-friendly. A hunter may use the forest to find his prey but leaves the ecology undisturbed. This is not the case with animal husbandry or farming. Farms are often built by razing the ecology and displacing wildlife. Hunting also provides societal benefits. Populations of deer in balance with the surrounding habitat will minimize car-deer collisions.

The addition of Sunday bow hunting also would provide relief from agriculture losses due to deer feeding, will aid in the reduction of residential landscape damage and lessen the chance of people contracting Lyme disease. It also would help boost the sales of hunting licenses, which will add revenue to be used to improve natural resource management.

It must also be noted that the bill restricts Sunday bow hunting to private property and wildlife management areas only. WMAs were originally purchased from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, and operational funding is still provided in this manner. Sunday bow hunting would still be prohibited in state, county and municipal parks, and there would only be 14 Sundays when it is allowed because hunting is limited to certain months of a year.

I urge Gov. Jon S. Corzine to sign Sunday bow hunting into law.

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
Colts Neck

(Let's call the Governor and ask him to sign the bill 1-609-292-6000)
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