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$97.99 1.3 MB Digital Trail Cam (Pix)

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$97.99 1.3 MB Digital Trail Cam... free shipping on eBay. Don't tell Double Lunger I posted this... he likes to make his own trail cams! :D

The seller as more than 50 of them.

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Double Lunger,

How much did it cost you to build your own?

Double Lunger, I'm condersing purchasing this camera from the EBay site. You basically are saying that some work and some don't? Is it a very common problem?

OK here is what I have found from members that have this camera . Please do not feel I am telling you not to buy it . Many people have nothing good to say about the stealth cams but others have nothing but good things to say . I just wanted you guys to know alot of people are having problems with the distance it will see movement

I dont think the new game spy 100 are as good as the originals I got one of the originals and im pretty happy with it I was having problems with it whiteing out pics but I realized this weekend that the camo tape I put on it covered the daynight sensor so I hope I fixed that problem I also bought one from walmart the game spy 100 and playing around with it in my house I would have to walk by it 3 or 4 times to get it to go off and with my original camera it would go off every time well I thought I just got a bad one so I took it back and got another one and it does the same thing and my cousin bought one from walmart and I helped him set his up and I noticed his does the same thing so Im just wondering if anybody with the new game spy 100 has noticed this to or tested it like I did I was really liking the idea of a 100 dollar digital game cam but with these kind of problems I think Ill to keep making my own cames but make cheaper ones I made 2 before trying the moultrie and they work great but one of them got stole and of course it was my must expensive one the p-41 thats why I was looking at the moultries
I have been hearing many people, here and locally that have been having the same problems. 
Both with PIR sensitivity and flash white out. Sometimes a cheap price is too good 
to be true. You get what you pay for. Sounds like they need better quality control.
Sorry to hear about your P41 getting stolen. That sucks.
I also bought another moultrie and it doesn't seem to take as good of pic as the older one.I've yet to have a problem with either one.(nock-on-wood) I think the internal memory has alot to do with pic quality,the pics on the SD card look far better.Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
My buddy just bought one and he has a problem with it taking a picture almost a full minute after you walk by. He thought this may be normal but I assured him it wasnt (or shouldnt be). What is the delay time supposed to be for that sensor on those things? I couldnt imagine it would be much over 6 or 7 seconds. His pictures have been coming out fine though from what he says.
My first one would go into sleep mode and never come out unless you shut off power and repowered it. I spoke to Moultrie and they said return it. 

I tested the second one for 3 days in the house before putting it in the woods. I was still skeptical about its sensor, but time in the woods has pretty well proven it grabs a lot of stuff I didn't expect it to and pretty quickly. I picked mine up through Walmart and have been considering getting a second one. I keep hoping to see something in a 2.0mpx or better soon. I would also like it if they had less than 1 minute delay between shots.
I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago and seem to be having trouble with the sensor picking up the animals. I placed it within 12 to 15 ft of two different feeders that I know are being heavily used by hogs and deer. I would get maybe one pic a day total. I finally took it home and messed with it in the yard. I would walk by in front of it starting at about 20 ft and gradually getting closer. It would not consistently go off until 6 to 8 ft away. Is anyone else having this problem with this camera? I am taking it back for an exchange today in the hope that I just got a bad camera, but thought I would get some opinions first.
I have 2 of them and I am pretty happy with them. I am getting good pics out to 25+ feet. It sounds like you got a bad one, take it back or send it in to moultrie for a replacement.
Im really beging to wonder about these moltrie cams my brother first one took pics at ramdom he took it back got another one so I bought one to thinking he just got a bad one well mines now whiting out the pics called moltrie they said it shouldnt do that send it back I got another one from walmart before I called moltrie and its seems like you got to walk by it several times before it picks you up and takes a pic to me now it looks like moltrie needs to work on quality control 
because 3 out the 5 cameras that my family has bought has had problems
My friend has one and he had some problems with his at first. It seems that the cam was not working well with the batteries that are not rechargeable. Once he switched to the rechargeables it worked great. I just bought one! I got my cam this morning and it would not take a picture of me when I got it!!! I put a rechargeable in it this morning and will let you know what happens. got one picture in day light and it was a little washed out!! The night picture is fine. I will update when I get the chip back from it!!!
Hi GoneHuntin,
Yes, I'm having all the same problems that everyone else is. On Auto flash, it's sensing that it needs to flash even when there's still a lot of natural light, and all of these photos are really washed out or totally white. 

When it's really dark outside, mine is doing okay but anything within about 10 feet (a guess) of the camera is then way overexposed. The trees way in the background are properly exposed, but it's like the flash just overpowers the camera for near objects.

Unfortunately, my sensor will only work out to about 15 feet. At that range, there's still a lot of washout, but you can tell what it is in the picture. So, my "sweet spot" to take a picture with the cam is between say 12 and 15 feet. Not very useful. I'm taking it back for a replacement -- I'll give them one more try.
Good hunting!

P.S. I've only used the Moultrie rechargeable battery. So far, battery life seems very good.
well I exchanged it and this sensor seems to work out to 15 ft or so. i took it out and will check it in a couple of days. i really haven't had a problem with quality of pics just getting them has been my problem.
I returned 2 after having problems with the sensor picking up past 10 feet. I got tired of messing around and ordered the Cuddeback 3.0. So far so good. The sensor on the CB is great. I'm going to check the camera today and if I have pic's I will post them.
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Thanks for the update Don!!![up] Nothing like first hand info!!![up]
Well.. I ordered it and received it yesterday. Seems to be working fine.

Digital rocks!
I once found a site that had all the information neede to make a trail cam from a cheap camera, motion detector and a few other components. I have to look for it again. I am too cheap to leave a $97 piece of equipment in the woods unattended.
Glad to hear yours is working fine Drag [up] . Like I said above some have problems and some do not it seems . I did not post any of the above to stop anyone from buying one . Above post is as it read on the forum .

230grain , I have a site that shows you how to build one . Going to be hard to build one for under $100 ( digital anyway )

A real good digital will run you $200 to $250 to build one . I can tell you nothing store bought will touch them .

By the way Kris , send me your homebrew . If you need my address again let me know . The complete unit would be nice .

Thanks for providing all the reviews. I liked the thought of "only" spending $100.00 on a digital camera knowing that it is at risk of getting stolen but I will p [no swearing please] on this deal as it sounds like it is not worth it. Too bad.
but I will p [no swearing please] on this deal as it sounds like it is not worth it. Too bad.
Guys , Please do not p [no swearing please] on it if you want to give that unit a try . I would say buy it from Wally Word that way if it does not work you can take it back .

I would hate to be the one that stops members from getting a great deal.
As far as the inexpensive cameras are concerned, I bought one($ at Harry's. It works fine and I don't have to worry about someone lifting it. But, I must say, I might be updating to a better one next year. One that has time-stamp capabilities and more megapixels(present one has .3 MP).
I have that camera. sometimes it works good other times not too good.eats batteries,range up to maybe 15 feet.
mine is not worth much either past 15 feet...
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