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9/25 Check In

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Good luck. Heading out now. Maybe cool weather will be the thing to get em moving.
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Jrhunt... no bagels!!!... good luck everyone
i had a big high 7 pointer at 8 30.....3 does came off the ridge i was in the bottom and they bedded for three hours basically looking in my direction...11 o'clock it happened they grazed down the hill, 30 yrds, draw back ,pin behind the shoulder, release and WHACK!!!!!!! hit a lil twig deflected the arrow right under her chest[wallmad]
Wifes birthday, I wont be out until Monday PM
Got 2 owls hooting to each other. I love being in the woods. Doesn't get any better than this.
Doesn't get any better than this.
sure it does Two nice bucks fighting under you as your deciding which one to arrow :D
Paul you got that right .. But people just don't know what they are missing just being in the outdoors!!
But people just don't know what they are missing just being in the outdoors!!
Sadly All Too True
We saw 9 on the way in. 1 we bumped when I was showing him where my stands were stolen.

Then 5 or 6 more got up right near our spot. And two or three off to the right must have caught our scent and moved off.

Once on stand, it took until about 5pm until the first deer moved.

Tim saw it heading left to right about 35 yards away directly in front of us.

Then I saw two more going left to right and behind us about 100 yards away.

Then around 6:20. We had 6 come in right under us. The biggest doe actually sniffed Ringnecks tree. I'm not sure if I have any good footage of them doing that. They were so close, mostly all I could get was my knees and the platform, etc. They were DIRECTLY under us.

Unfortunately a shot never presented itself though.

Also saw a fox that hung around us and the deer for about 20 minutes. He was about 15 yards away.

Good fun non-baited hunt![up][up]
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Hope to get out some tomorrow. Good luck all.
Today was definitely one of the better days I had on stand. I had a good feeling about today on the drive to meet up with Matty. Those damn squirrels are the reason those deer snuck in on us like they did. I just thought it was one of the tree rats running through the leaves again. But not this time, it was 6 deer walking in! If I was in the tree Matty was in I think I would have had a shot. All the deer stayed behind me.

Even though I didn't get a shot it was still a lot of fun! Like I told Matty, that fox made the night even better for me.
Got 2 owls hooting to each other.
LOL!my mom was very superstitious women n she told me when you hear 2 owls hoot'n to each other it's a bad sign.becareful![ninja]
Had him lock up at 45 yd wouldn't come any closer as if got to dark to shoot. Then had to wait him out in the dark to leave so I could get down. Maybe he will present himself in the am:p
I had the same wide 4 pointer come from the same direction 3 days in a row. And at almost the same exact time. 6:10PM.Give or take 5 minutes. some nights he brought his friends ,tonight he came in alone.
They know how to tantalize ya they just stand around some times, get out of here and go bring your papi in.[hihi][hihi]
at least you guys(who got your does) can shoot bucks if you see them. I went to my "doe" spot and got a visit from not one but two shooters. Its nice to know they are in the woods, but it would have been nicer to have one hanging in my garage right now!
i went out and moved my blind officially. wanted to do it wednesday but i had to get a root canal unexpectedly. went and scouted thoroughly and moved it and baited. will be going out tomorrow night to see what i see. i have good feelings on this spot though. borrowed a fawn bleat so ive been practicing that too
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