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9/25 Check In

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Good luck. Heading out now. Maybe cool weather will be the thing to get em moving.
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I forgot to tell Ringneck that the place we're going is void of deer. No one has seen a deer in this place since about 1986.

This is actually a trophy mosquito and chipmunk hunt.

Hoping to put a big chipmunk down on film! Just hope he makes a good shot. I'm busy tomorrow and can't track a trophy 'munk.[up][up]
Oh damn, I thought you'd left already. You weren't supposed to know we were going after the elusive chipmunks.

Just remember, it's an unlimited mosquito zone, but the chipmunks are 3" tails or better.

It is an "EAB" zone too...You know..."Earn a Bug"...can't take a male mosquitoe until you've taken a female.
We saw 9 on the way in. 1 we bumped when I was showing him where my stands were stolen.

Then 5 or 6 more got up right near our spot. And two or three off to the right must have caught our scent and moved off.

Once on stand, it took until about 5pm until the first deer moved.

Tim saw it heading left to right about 35 yards away directly in front of us.

Then I saw two more going left to right and behind us about 100 yards away.

Then around 6:20. We had 6 come in right under us. The biggest doe actually sniffed Ringnecks tree. I'm not sure if I have any good footage of them doing that. They were so close, mostly all I could get was my knees and the platform, etc. They were DIRECTLY under us.

Unfortunately a shot never presented itself though.

Also saw a fox that hung around us and the deer for about 20 minutes. He was about 15 yards away.

Good fun non-baited hunt![up][up]
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1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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