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9/22 Thursday check in.

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I'm going to put a few mid day hours in my treestand.From approx 9AM -1 PM. Go luck eveyone hunting today.
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I was out from 8:45AM till 12:15PM. Saw 1 Rabbit. On the way out of the woods I bumped to Deer.
My release comes off back at the truck, just in case.
Was it bedded or roaming?
At least you got out. I was soaking up the sun on a roof.[mad]
When I saw them they where already running. Could have been bedded(not sure)
I left my climber on the tree last night after i shot the doe because i wanted to get the deer checked and to the butcher as fast as possible. On my way back in to get it at around 9:30am i could have shot two more does!!!! One was right at the edge of the woods alowing me to creep within 20 yards and the other was bedded down near the gutpile of the doe that I killed last night...It is good to see the deer havent been bothered by the doe killed last night. I wish I brought my bow this morning.
Heading out now....
Good luck mystic!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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