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I'll assume it's a T/C Hawken. The standard nipple has 1/4x28 threads and takes a #11 cap. A musket nipple is much bigger and I'm sure you don't have that as the #11 wouldn't fit at all.

Now not all #11 caps are exactly the same size. I found the RWS caps to be slightly snugger than CCI. never used Remington caps.

What I used to do when I shot nipple guns was to chuck up the nipples and use a fine file and slowly take a bit off until the cap fit perfectly. If they are a little loose just pinch them a bit then slip'em on. If they don't seat all the way down, the hammer will just push it down, then the second hammer drop sets them off, no good at the range or hunting.

Now keep in mind different nipple manufacters make them slightly different, being I always use real black powder you don't need fancy "hot-shot" nipples. I found the plain old stock T/C nipples worked the best.

Hope that helps.
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