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4 more weeks till the pup comes home

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I called the breeder and she said 4 more weeks (8 wks old) and she will be in her new home. I can't wait I love seeing them pup's learn and hunt.
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What type of pup?
I am getting a female English Pointer from The english pointer is one of the best pointing dogs out there. They natural point from the time they can walk and depending on the blood line nothing gets away from there noses.

Dam - Yellow Rose Sweetie
Sire - Yellow Rose Dan
Cool, I'm looking for a Vizsla.
They are nice Dogs. I know they are hard to find have you looked online for any breeder's
I have looked and spoke to a couple, but they are hard to find. I stopped by the New York Kennel Club near me to ask if they know of any breeders and they told me that I don't want one. He said they are not American and the only ones I will find are imbreed. Needless to say I would be back there. Were you always looking for English Pointer or were you looking for a bird dog in general? When you looking did you come across any Vizsla breeders?
mpemt24 did you talk to that breeder I told you about???
I always owned German Shorthair Pointers and they are great dogs. After my last GSP pastaway at the young age of 4 I was very heart broken and did not know if I would ever want another GSP cause in my eyes there would never be a dog out there to top her. I stopped hunting birds for 2 years after that and just started hunting them again without a dog. So I decided I would try out the versital English Pointer after reading reviews and talking with people who own them. Everything I heard and seen is exactly what I am looking for in a bird dog. If you ever seen one in action you would know what I mean. I have seen Vizsla Pups online but you have to research the breeder really good before buying from a online breeder. I take great pride in training my dogs and spend every free minute I have in doing so. Always remember to love and respect your dog and never lift your hand to it and you will have some great times with your dog. Good luck in finding you Vizsla and if you ever want a English check out the breeder I listed. [up]
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Jim, yes I did. I spoke to him yesterday. He has 2 males available, but I have to convince the wife to get a male. She wants a female.
She was a female.
Don't let your wife read this typo!!!!:D
fixed (the typo, not the wife)
Hkdonfishn, I see your breeder is from Texas. Do you get to see the pup before you get it or does the breeder pick? I have been limiting my looking area to places I could drive too. I was told that picking you own pup is better. Maybe I should broaden my area.
hkdonfishn, how come you didn't go for the finished dog named Tater??? Only $5250.00????

mpempt, expect to pay nearly double for a pup on the east coast as opposed to a mid-west breeder. At least that's what I found to be true when I was looking.
She will send me pictures with there style, stance and build. As for nose temper and hunting style you have to trust the blood line. The blood line my dog is coming from is the Elhew blood line which is the best English bloodline out there. If you look at the pictures on the website you will notice the different builds of the dogs. Some are small some not so muscular. The Dam and Sire from my breeding are both well built dogs with champion backgrounds. Top English pointers are
1. Ch. Elhew Snakefoot
2. Ch. Elhew Strike
3. Mr. Elhew Bullfrog
All great dogs and there offspring make great hunters.
hkdonfishn, will English pointers water retrieve???
A trained and broken dog is great for the person who has no time. I kinda like to train my dogs and be apart of them. I know somebody who bought one the was trained and broke and he says there are ups and downs of it. Allot of downs when it comes to control.
Some will English Pointers will water retrieve and some want nothing to do with it. They can be broken to water retrieve with time. My GSP would not water retrieve for 2 years then I had a friend with a golden retriever and she would play with that dog. The Golden would jump in the river and play in the water and my dog would just sit there and watch then one day she just jumped in and and it was all it took I couldn't keep her out of the water and she started retrieving downed birds in the water. I would say it is all in the training and how you start them.
A trained and broken dog is great for the person who has no time. I kinda like to train my dogs and be apart of them.
I agree!!! I'm having alot of joy training my dog. My wife says she has never seen an animal adore a master more, and that is something that is generated from when he was really young. I don't think you get that from a finished dog...
You are correct. It is just like raising a child. [up]
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