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'No' to Sunday hunters
The article, "Sunday bow hunting a long shot" (Oct. 26) , is full of holes and bill A-1669 should never be law. Safe, effective deer fertility control is on the horizon and sportsman's clubs are desperately lobbying legislators to expand killing opportunities in order to keep herds in a continual reproductive mode for their hunting pleasure.

Arrows are just as threatening as firearms. Numerous near-misses and dead pets go unreported. Sportsmen deny documented existence of injuries and deaths by arrows in New Jersey and elsewhere. They also never mention the high wounding rate, and the countless hunting trespassers harassing residents looking for deer or places to hunt.

A Rutgers poll demonstrated a majority of NJ residents wanting non-lethal white-tailed deer management.

A1669 was posted for a vote before public comments were received by a committee that included the bill's sponsors, such as Assemblywoman Littell McHose.

Sunday deer hunting is unnecessary. Let people continue to enjoy a day of non-hunting peace, without being forced to tolerate a barbaric arrow-hunting tradition.
-- Margaret Anderson, Flemington

Don't sign the bill
Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose is prime sponsor of A1669 (S802), to allow Sunday bow hunting on state and private property. Now on the governor's desk, this bill is being strongly lobbied for a veto.

In McHose's eagerness to provide an added day of recreational killing, she denies the rest of us one single day on state property to camp, hike, paint, photograph, risk-free of getting hit by a projectile.

McHose must be exposed in her latest attempt to dupe voters that her legislative activities are in the interest of all, not just her favored hunter-constituents.

McHose cited a need for "additional management of New Jersey's growing deer population." Clearly, she is still uneducated about New Jersey deer and wildlife. Recently, the Fish & Game Council reported their goal was "deer population stabilization, to prevent the further decline of deer."

McHose is disingenuous, archaic, uneducated and non-representative. All of this should inspire district 24 constituents to vote to replace her in the next election.
-- Gail Gunberg, Lafayette
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