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"New Jersey's battle with the bears is producing results. Wednesday morning three bears were trapped. One is the animal that scared a three-year-old boy last week in Fredon."

""She's (a female bear) in the trap. And the two male bears showed up looking to breed with her. As a result of that, we managed to tranquilize the two bears," says Kelcee Burgess of the NJ division of Fish and Wildlife."


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Bears roaming all over the Garden State

The black bear cub on the left was wandering outside a trap that was set for it in Fredon, where another bear was caught earlier today. Scroll down for more photos from the scene.
Photo by Steve Klaver/The Star-Ledger
A bear trap set outside Roseann Francavilla’s Fredon home did it’s job — and then some — today.

A young female bear was caught. But a young male bear also showed up and hung around the trap, while a 550-lb. bear lurked in the woods nearby. All the bears were tranquilized and removed from the area, according to a Star-Ledger photographer on the scene.

If the name Francavilla sounds familiar, it’s because her 3-year-old son was cornered by a bruin near their home last week.

Meanwhile, just off the Garden State Parkway in Wall Township, police and officials from the Department of Environmental Protection have another bear cornered on Route 34 beneath the overp [no swearing please] for Exit 98.

It seems that bears are everywhere.

And yesterday, DEP chief Bradly Campbell admitted as much and told Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran a bear hunt is likely this year.

And so, the battle over the bears is about to begin — again.

Do you think we need a hunt? Talk in the Sussex County Forum.

Jersey Fish & Wildlife workers gather up this tranqulized bear cub in Fredon today. He will be euthanized because he had been spotted previously wandering very close to the same home where he was captured.

Kelcey Burguss of the NJ Fish & Wildlife writes up a report after tranquilizing three bears today in Fredion, including the one in the foreground that was about 15 years old and 505 pounds.


go on to see the photos!! 15 yrs old 505 lbs

Yes its a shame that the bear had to be put down, but it showed bad signs towards the child, thank GOD the kid is ok. That 505lb. bear, hey transport him to my area.

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Missed a 523 lber during the last NJ bearhunt, my buddy and I tracked and drove it all day long through Highpoint State park after he pushed it out of a nasty laurel swamp.One of us would stay on the track while the other would try to loop out ahead and hopefully cut him off.Never happened though.We figured by looking at the topo map that we tracked him for 7 miles on empty stomaches.We pushed him to a hunter named Rich Cole from Sussex.We ended up hitchhiking a ride back to our trucks from bear biologist Kelcey burguess father and his friend from PA after dark off of Sawmill rd.The bear was so slick often running circles in his own tracks and ours!It basically took us through every swamp in the park.It was an unbelievable hunt.They are a lot smarter than people give them credit for.
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