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3/4 Nite Blue Trip 8/31/06

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I have 10 spots open for a 3/4 Nite Blue Fish trip on Thursday 8/11. This is a private rental taking only 32 people.

The specifics:

Boat: Mimi VI
Place: Point Pleasent
Time: 7pm - 2AM
Cost: $45 (Includes Rod rental and bait)

If you are interested e-mail ME your interest ASAP.
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You guys are killing me, Fluke a thon on Aug. 6th., Blue fish trip on Aug. 11th. sounds great except that I'll be in Montana for 10 days (8/5 - 8/15 ). I'd love to go on the Blues trip. I'm trying to get back more into fishin' since I'm retired now. I'll keep watch to see if anything else comes up.
I want to go but I have the Fluke trip that weekend and then I'm going on vacation for two weeks the following weekend.... Too much for one week...LOL! I would love to get out on a night blue trip...
Maybe we can do it in Sept...............
Count me in!!![up]
I'll be down in Ortley Beach for two weeks. The house is right on the bay so I can crab and fish 24/7... I can't wait to catch some crabs! (the ones that don't make me itch!):D
I am in for 2 spots (Me and a Friend) I also think IMB21 would be interested I will ask him. I am sure he will go as long as he is not busy trying to get a hook out of someones head. :)
7 spots left.
ortley, thats down in my neck of the woods, im from toms river. Great crabbing going on right now. I threw a crab line in for an hour last night, pulled in 10 large keepers in a row. Its going to be a great crab season.
Awesome!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!![up]
6 spots left.
I cant take it!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in!!!![up]
Jim calm down and "just say no!" lol
:D:D:D:D:D:D E-mail sent....I'm going...
4 spots left.

JerseyJim & JJoe welcome aboard.
drome, I'm looking to rent a boat and do some crabbing with my 2 step kids and fatherin law next sunday august 7th. any recomendations on where I could rent a boat and some good crabbing spots?
Jim I am going. Do you want to go down together?
Do you want to go down together?
What? No romancing first????Not even dinner and a drink??? Well OK...:D
sorry, what area you going to be crabbing at?

Email me at [email protected]
1 - 20 of 61 Posts
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