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Hello All

2017 Hoyt Powermax 60 lbs RH in BlackOut (Cam 2- 25.5-30) for sale - purchased 12/27/16

Bow can be sold by itself or with the accessories

accessory package includes

-​B-Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx 6"
-​QAD LD Ultrarest
-​iQ Sight 5 pin w/ retina lock and sight light
-Hoyt Black Wrist Strap
-Radical Peep
-Plano Hard Shell Bow Case
-Hoyt Archery (RealTree Xtra/Black) Soft Bow Case
-TrueFire Buckle Release

Let me know if you have any questions - 856 266 6856 is my cell, i am off all week and located in jersey right outside philly. i am upgrading and getting a new bow - was going to use some of these accessories on the new one but willing to part with the bow fully set up by Bob's Little Sport Shop (my local bow shop) - Henry the main tech and was/is the only person who i let touch my bow. feel free to call there and get an honest review from him. i got a buck on public land recently with this set up, had it pass through and the fletching get caught coming out the other side. i have it maxed out now at 60 and my draw length is 26.5 but this bow can go all the way up to 30 and down to 25.5 - will include some beamen carbon express arrows too but they are already cut to my size and dont know how helpful it will be

lancaster archery has this bow new (2018) for 600 - the 2017 w/ fuse hunting package for 700

350 for bow only - 450 bow and sight only - 700 for everything shipping included - again please let me know if you have any questions, thank you for your time and interest

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