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2015 MATHEWS BlackAnthem with BLUE NO CAM HTR 30" 60lbs RH - PRICE DROP - $860 OBO !!

Now have a bid on eBay ending Thursday afternoon, for $850. Dropping price on here from 1000 (original 1200) to $860 to offer my home base first chance at it. Couldn't change title of old thread with price drop so new thread here.

NOW $860 OBO

SEE PICS of Bow BELOW----This bow does not have a SINGLE scratch, nick, or abrasion on it. You're getting a brand new bow at a ridiculously lower price than if you put this all together at retail it's almost double what I'm asking but I need to sell it.

LIKE NEW 2015 Mathews NO CAM™ HTR. As stated by Mathews, I can attest that "The 2015 NO CAM™ HTR is the most accurate hunting bow ever made." This bow is unbelievably accurate and ridiculously quiet. This bow was just purchased recently and has NOT been hunted with, only target shot. It is 100% like-new condition besides having some arrows through it. The blue accessories and accent colors look amazing on the black anthem bow color.

I love all the accessories, so I'm willing to part with just the bare bow if someone was interested in that, or keep it fully setup. Message me to discuss options like that, even if you wanted certain accessories but not others we can work something out and find the right price.

Bow Specs:
Right-handed NO CAM™ HTR ($1100)
Draw Weight: 50-60# currently set at 60#
Draw Length: 30” (can be adjusted down)
Overall Length: 32" axle to axle
Brace Height: 6 and 5/8"
Bow Riser Color: Black Anthem
Bow Limbs Color: Black Anthem
Bowstring: Black
Bowstring Cable: Royal Blue
Center String Serving: Royal Blue
Secondary String Serving: Royal Blue/Black
Grip: Focus grip HTR Black with standard Mathews wood embossing
Black Kisser Button

Add ons:
Rest: Mathews QAD Ultra Rest HDX Black ($140)
Quiver: Mathews Arroweb CT-Series Removable, 4-arrows, Black Tactical Color ($150)
Stabilizer: Stokerized Sliding Adjustable Weights-Acrylic SS1 G2 Series 8.5” - 8oz – Black ($130)
Sling: Black LOC OutdoorZ Mat-LOC Ultra Wrist Sling ($30)
Sims Limbsaver Broadband Limb Dampener, Royal Blue ($20)
G5 Royal Blue Meta Peep ($10)
HHA Optimizer 1-pin Adjustable Bowsight – Black ($180)

$700 in brand new accessories on a like-new $1100 bow. Essentially $1800 worth of bow and accessories and asking way less than just the bow is MSRP'd at alone--this is a good deal for someone but I am moving. Again, please contact me if you'd want to discuss buying the bow with no or some accessories and see what we can work out. DROPPED PRICE TO $860 from original listing of $1200 !!


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