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Time to let my 2006 Hoyt Trykon xl go. I just dont shoot it anymore! Its target colored inferno, 50-60 pounds. 28" draw with 65% let off cams. Has a brand new 452X string/cable on it with a couple hundred shots through it. Im including a set of posten stabilizers with it. 26" front bar and 8" side bar with an AEP stabilizer mount for the side bar as well.

Also I have a set of 11 carbon express maxima 3d select 250 arrows cut to fit this bow. They have 100 grain pig points (for 3d), Flex Fletch 187 shield cut vanes, and unibushing that accept easton G nocks.

$500 for everything. This is over $1000 worth of stuff.

Couple pics in this old thread
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