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Below is the story I posted on another site or two, thought I'd p [no swearing please] it along here with the picture of my permit bow buck shot shortly before leaving for my OH trip.


Here is a pic of my NJ Permit Bow Buck taken on 11/11/2005.

Things really started cranking up last night as the temps finally dropped down into the 30s for the first time this November, and this morning was the first time I hunted this particular stand. There has been a lot of doe activity but not too many bucks on the cams recently, so I figured my best game plan this morning was to hunt the stand with the most does and a favorable wind.

The morning was beautiful, light wind out of the Northwest with temps in the lower 30s. Woods remained pretty quiet for the first hour, so I decided to give the Primos Can a try. I flipped it over 3 times with about a 3-5 second delay between flips, and about 5 minutes later I heard this buck coming in. I spotted his rack about 90 yards away in some thick brush as he prowled in the direction of my stand and the source of the call. I have seen does and bucks in prior seasons use a trail that runs parallel behind my stand about 25 yards or so. This buck appeared to be headed right for it, and as I saw his tines bobbing up and down with his head as his sniffed the ground and moved forward at a fast pace, I really started getting pumped.

I readied myself for the draw as he closed to within about 20 yards of the lane I had to that trail behind my stand and then suddenly he veered away from it and away from me. I looked ahead to where he would likely cross and saw very little chance of a shot, but as he got within 10 yards of breaking into this miniscule opening, I drew my bow and peaked around the string to see when he entered. As he hit the opening, I grunted him to a stop and quickly evaluated the shot and saw a very small pocket where I could sneak an arrow through with him standing mostly broadside with a slight quarter away at a little over 30 yards. With my pin set at 30 yards and held a little high, I anchored back in on the string, probably not as much as I would have liked feeling like I had to rush the shot as he wasn't going to stand there forever. I squeezed off the shot and caught a glimpse of the arrow as it impacted, appearing to hit quite a bit farther back than I would have liked.

Too thick to see him run off, I could only listen. He ran about 20 yards and stopped momentarily before barreling through a thicket and crashing, then dead silence. I sat confused and unsure, pretty certain I hit a bit far back, yet it sounded like he just went down in mere seconds. I pined for all of 15 minutes in the stand before I got down to evaluate the area and see if I could find the arrow where I had shot. Sure enough, there it lay after a clean p [no swearing please] through, covered in bright red blood. Upon closer inspection, I found some air bubbles in the blood on the vanes and was pretty sure I hit at least one lung. I backed off to my stand, peeled off a few layers, gathered my gear, and attempted to wait patiently while I replayed the sequence of events in my mind. After adding up the air bubbles, the quick dash and stop followed by an all out barreling through the thicket then crashing into silence, I was pretty sure he was down. So I took up the trail, quickly finding that the Slick Trick 100s did their job well, with blood painting the leaves and brush. I found him a short 50 yards from the spot I had shot him, which later ranged at 35 yards from my treestand. I had indeed hit him a bit far back, but was fortunate to p [no swearing please] through the back end of the lungs and slice through a lobe of the liver.

Not a bad buck for public lands here, plus I was tight on time as I'm heading to Ohio on Sunday for up to possibly 2 weeks of bowhunting depending on how quickly tags fill! To be perfectly honest, I had no idea how many points he had or how wide he was. I saw tall tines moving through the woods on a side profile, and being the first shooter buck I've seen from the stand all season, it didn't take me long to decide I was shooting if he gave me an opportunity. It wasn't the easiest of opportunities, in fact it is my longest shot on a deer with the bow to date, but the shot worked out well as I had a great blood trail, and a quickly downed animal...simply can't ask for more than that!

Shoot Straight,
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