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These 2004 PA bears is up by my parents house....

Blakeslee teen downs 834-pound male 30 minutes after stepfather
harvests 586-pounder

Blakeslee resident Jeremy Kresge knew the swamps of the Pocono region
harbored large bears.
He has seen several during archery season and around his house, which
is three miles from Pocono Raceway.
What Kresge didn't know, however, is how much work it takes to get one
of the monster bruins out of the woods.
Kresge, 17, harvested an 834-pound male bruin on the second day of the
2004 bear season. Less than a half-hour earlier, his stepfather,
William Grover, took a 586-pound bear nearby.
With the help of his three cousins and a come-along-strap, it took
Grover and Kresge more than 11 hours to drag the two bears less than a
mile to their truck.
"We shot the bears around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, and didn't get out of the
woods until 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday," Kresge said. "We would drag mine
a little ways, then go back and drag my father's bear and kept
repeating the process while my mother and aunt held flashlights. We
were exhausted."
Kresge has his three cousins to thank for bagging the enormous bruin,
which was the heaviest taken in the state this year and the third
heaviest bear taken since 1999.
Kresge's cousins grew tired of sitting and decided to put on a drive
through the thick swamp the group was hunting. Kresge heard his
stepfather shoot and about 15 minutes later saw his bear trotting
through the swamp about 40 yards away. The bear went down after one
well-placed shot from Kresge's 30-06.
"I walked up to it and just couldn't believe the size. I thought my
father shot at this bear and missed, but then it turned out we got
two," he said. "I didn't know how we were going to get them out of the
After they got the bears to their truck, the group pushed and heaved
the bruins into the truck bed and went home to enjoy a big breakfast.
Without sleeping, the hunters headed for the bear check station near
Tobyhanna where the size of the bears shocked the Pennsylvania Game
Commission (PGC) personnel.
"The game wardens couldn't believe it and they didn't know how to
weigh my bear," Kresge said. "They used a front end loader to unload
them off the truck"
Kresge took his bear to a local taxidermist for a full-body mount and
the PGC said the results of an age test on the bear would be known
this summer. The bears were the first for Grover and Kresge, who now
have more than 400 pounds of bear meat in their freezer.
Luckily, Kresge is a big fan of bear meat.
"It's very good fried in butter," he said. "We cooked a roast already
and had some smoked sausage and it's excellent."
While the size of the bear is something Kresge will never get over -
he said the head was bigger than a basketball - there is another
aspect of the hunt that he will never forget.
"It was a real good experience and I couldn't have done it without my
family. We did it together," Kresge said. "I've bear hunted since I
was 12 and I never thought I would get something this big."
PGC Bear Bioligist Mark Ternent said any near exceeding 800 pounds is
"extremely rare" and Kresge's bruin is only the sixth since 1971 to
top the 800 pound mark.
According to Jerry Feaser, PGC press secretary, Kresge's bear is the
third heaviest taken in the state since 1999. The two heavier bears
were taken in 2003 and weighed 864 and 837 pounds.
"It's just absolutely amazing how big some of these bears get," Feaser
said. "The Pocono area is known to have large bears and is considered
traditional bear range. The bears get big there because they benefit
from the swampy areas, which allow them to allude hunters and reach an
old age. Several years ago we found a dead bear in Pike County that
was 30 years old."

Here is the pic's of them the one on the left is the record bear and
the one on the right is the 500lb bear.


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How did you guys miss this:

"When we popped the gut on the record bear, we found a NJ license plate, a few tin cans, and a little old lady!"


I wonder if thats a 6-1/2 foot bed, or an 8 foot bed on that truck. If thats an 8 foot bed, WOW!!!!


The area these bears were harvested, what county in PA is it, and how far is the town in PA from the NJ/PA state line?

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Who needs to go to Canada? I think that one bears has relatives it Stillwater. You now them, don't you Matty?
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