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its a bunch of crap now. the state should now take the unlimited doe thing away for 2 or 3 years and put in the 3pts on a side rule (at least for the zones with out all these does like mine in 11) buddy of mine hunts in bernardsville and kills a doe/BB EVERY day he goes in the woods...hunts 1 treestand over a feeder behind a few houses. places like that its okay to take the does out. other guys (especially shotgunners) take the heards out on deer drives ... if the state wont change the deer laws we need to take it upon ourselves to just take 1 or 2 for the freezer and leave the rest for seed. i like to shoot my few does with the bow and fellow members do nothing but bitch at me when i shoot 2 does before the rut, they want them to get knocked up. well they complain about me then after teh rut during one of the NINETY SOME ODD DOE DAYS take the does as fast as they can shoot. this goes on week after week at 2 does a pop each. what is the point of letting them mate..if they made it that far why shoot them?
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