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2 older compound bows for sale.

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Figure somebody who wants to give it a shot without breaking the bank.

1- Browning Deluxe Camo bushmaster. draw length 28-29". 50-60lb draw weight. bow has been kept indoors, never outdoors other than hunting. Was my father (he doesnt bow hunt anymore). Has the original trebark camo tape on limbs. Has a one pin site (can buy more pins, i beleive i sighted in for my dad as a 20 yard pin....long time ago. have to re check that. peep site, quiver, string silencers.

2- Martin Cougar Magnum Speed Flite - this was my bow. 65% let off. draw length 29". draw weight 45-60lb. peep site, one pin sighted for 25 yards. quiver. Green advantage camo tape on limbs.

Either bow $50 picked up. Located in Marlton, NJ. Willing to travel a lil' bit. First bow to go will also get 5 Easton 2018 xx75 camo hunter aluminum arrows with field tips. Both bow about 20 years old but draw just fine. havent shot them in a few years. Never been used/abused hard...unfortunately. :)

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