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Pennsylvania Game Commission officials today announced that hunters kicked off the 2005 black bear season with an unprecedented first-day preliminary harvest exceeding 2,000 bears; more bears than were shot in entire bear seasons as recently as 1999.

Game Commission employees processed 2,026 black bears at the agency's check stations on the season's opening day. The 2005 first-day preliminary harvest total compares with 1,573 in 2004; 1,454 in 2003; 1,348 in 2002; and 1,812 in 2001. In 2000, when the state record three-day harvest of 3,075 was established, hunters took 1,691 bears on the opening day.

"A large harvest was anticipated if weather was favorable because fall food conditions were good and the state's bear population continues to number near 15,000," said Mark Ternent, Game Commission bear biologist. "In years when fall foods are readily available, bears tend to den later. And when weather conditions are favorable for hunters, hunter participation typically is high."
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