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the 17 fb ammo can be had at cabelas. the 17 m 4 is a necked down 221 fireball this is a wildcat all the way you must reload. i just bought rem brass in 17 fb at cabelas to reload the m 4 and skip the annealing step in forming the 221 fireball brass. one thing is to use a bore guide and coated dewey rod when cleaning the bore. a good web site for 17 shooters to get gear from is the woodchuck den and bore guides is precision reloading and sinclair international. after shooting a 22-250 for forty years i went to the 221 fb,17 m 4,204 ruger and 22 hornet. the web site thats all over 17 cal is coyote gods. check it out. maybe one day we could meet up i live 20 min east of cabelas 25 miles north of 78 up rt 100 to 309
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