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17 1/2 foot Blue fin and trailer for sale

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My brother in law is selling his boat I don't have any pictures yet but this is what he told me about it.

78-79 17 1/2 foot Aluminum Blue Fin, 50 HP Force motor (not sure of Make)

open bow,side console Depth finder,CB, am/fm radio Bilge pump.

$1650.00 (Negotiable)

If interested shoot me an email and I will give you his Phone Number
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Yes it does
Yhea ok i'm a dumb ass. just saw that in the title,DUH!!! besides the fact i spelled it wrong.hehehe long day with the kids...
luknikk is playing Mr.Mom while the wife is away! Good luck buddy! Hang in there! :p[up]
Update on the Boat,seems I got some wrong info.

It's a 1988 not a 78

the motor is an 88 also.


The stereo is am/fm CASSETTE

1700 Lb weight capacity

Skipper B Boat trailer

price...$1650.00 (Very Negotiable)

Not a bad boat for the money. Again if you have any questions email me and I will give you the phone number (use the site email directory).
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