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I wasn't able to get in the woods early today so I decided to hunt from 9AM till 1PM.
At 11:16 I see a buck coming my way. Hes a nice 6 point.He stops behind a tree and never steps back out. I pull out my Binoculars and spot him bedded about 70 yards away.
After about 15 minutes I try grunting . He pays no attention. 15 minutes later I use my primos can and it gets his attention. But he's still bedded. At 11:50 I turn the can and grunt very loud. That gets him up. Now hes walking my way but a large cedar tree is in my way. He finally steps out at 7 yards but the wind is in his direction and he is spooky. I tryed to draw on him and he runs 15 yards and stops behind that cedar. I found an opening where I could see his vitals and let it fly. Smack right into a 3" sapling that I couldn't see. He slowly walked away and I got down 20 minutes later.
I be back during those same hours on Monday.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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