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For my 1000th post, I decided to forgoe the "Hey it's my 1000th post." Put it in the title instead. Instead I want to give some incouragement to bird hunters that don't have dogs.
I know a lot of guys say, "You can't bird hunt unless you have a good dog." While a dog does help it isn't neccessary. I have been hunting birds for quite a while without one. There are many techniques without. Especially on state land. You can always act a blockers. But be careful. Not everyone will hit the bird and not all birds will fly right away. Also like deer hunting hunt the hunters. Most bird hunters has a routine. Use that to your advantage. We hunt with other guys with dogs. They do their thing and we do ours. We parallel them at the begining. These gives us a chance at the birds the run from the dogs and to the side. Since we walk faster we cut in front and walk towards them but to the side. Act as a blocker if you will. We normally pick one up this way too. We meet up at the end of the day. They get theirs and we get ours.
Now for a more debated tip. Don't feel guilty for shooting one on the ground or in a tree. Remember, it isn't illegal (unless turkey's on a roost). Remember to still kow your target and beyond. If there is a dog in the area, don't take the shoot if it seems chancey.
Hope these tips may help so of you with out a dog. Sometimes my group gets more with out a dog than the group we meet up with that has a dogs.
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