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10 Day Forcast/Cooling a bit

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The 10 day forecast for Sussex NJ shows a few morning next week getting down to low 40s. This should help things out a bit. Finally cooling off.I noticed alot of leaves falling while on stand Thursday.
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It lookes like fall is here to stay. Love when those leaves fall, it conceals accidental movement.
Its good while the leaves are falling. But once the leaves are gone the deer can see any movement.
We need rain too all the creeks & smaller swamps are dried up. The deer by me in Sparta & Andover have moved to water around the lake's
I saw 6 Doe in a small pond in someones backyard Thursday.
If it keeps drying out, I'm gonna do what a buddy of mine did several years ago. During a prolonged dry spell here in Jersey, he dug a hole and sunk a large wash tub in the ground. He kept it full of water, and put a stand over it. Before the dry spell broke, he had taken 6 deer, including 1 nice buck. Bait don't get no cheaper that plain water.
I was actually thinking about doing that Nightstalker911
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