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Well the weekend was somewhat fun.
Saturday opened with me going out on the from porch at 5:15 am to see if I should go hunting.
The rain had stopped but it was warm, all wet and kind of dripping from the trees.
I was going to go back to bed but I noticed a break in the clouds it was clearing up. Then a car drove by and there was a doe standing in my neighbors front yard. Got dressed and went out.
Had 2 does come by early at first light. Then about 45 minutes later the circled back and went by again.
That was it.

Now Saturday night was a different story.
Then I had two bucks a tall six and a small 6.
The smaller one was following the tall one and right to the side of me the tall 6 turns and starts butting heads with the smaller 6.
Very cool. Then I had two does come in. Then a nice 8. Nice as in very symmetrical but only about a 14 inch spread.
He is going to be a killer in a year or two.
He started going up a bank just below me and as I turned he spotted me. Then stood there for 20 minutes just looking at me. I think he was not sure what I was. He did not stomp or snort just stood there. Then finally just walked off. Great night.

Sunday morning slept in. The Sunday afternoon went to one of the stand deeper in the woods. Then about 4:30 the neighbors kid and about 8 of his buddies start running around in their 4 wheelers.
Well the night hunt was a bust.
Going to be back at it tonight.

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Heading out now . . .
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