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10/5/2005 Deer Check In

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Well... I'll be hunting Zone 6 tomorrow morning for the first time this year. Its also my birthday.

Hopefully I do not get eaten by a bear... and hopefully I am fortunate enough to harvest a deer. (In Zone 6 bucks gotta have at least 3 points on one side).
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Happy Birthday,hopefully your present will have a white tail on it- Good luck!!! :p
Happy birthday !! Lots of bears in zone 6 I hunter there for a couple years. Now go shoot something for your birthday.
What would be better than a big buck on your birthday. Happy B day
Happy Birthday Drag! Good luck on your Birthday Hunt.:)
Happy birthday, best of luck tomorrow[up] how old?
Happy birthday Drag. You over the hill yet?
I'll be in IOWA Nov. 1st, who gives a S**T, LOL :p
Happy Birthday Drag, good luck.
Happy Birthday, now go find your present.[up]
happy birthday Kris!!!![up]
watch out the bear may have a birthday surprise for you:p
Happy B-day, Drag!!!

Hope you have the hunt of a lifetime tonite in celebration!!!:)[up]
happy birthday..enjoy it now cause sooooon you dread each and every one..kill the big one..............
Happy Birthday Drag. I think those raccoons have a present for you.LOL
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!!!!!!![up] Hope you have a great day!!!!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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