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10/11/05 Check in

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RAIN [sad] RAIN [sad] RAIN [sad]

Slept in this mornin' , Maybe this afternoon [confused]
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every time i say im going huntin, i cant fall asleep. have to get up at 3am to go huntin and at midnight im still tossin and turnin.but when i dont want to get up to go huntin i cant stay awake past 9.
Got as far as my woods this afternoon. Just as I was getting off my quad, low and behold, it started to rain. Imagine that [mad]Guess I'll have to settle for wine and a jaccuzzi, instead of trackin' and draggin'. HUMMMMM not a bad alternative :D
Nah ! Me and Ms. Nightstalker. Probably won't even have to turn on the Jaccuzzi. I had a double helpin' of baked beans for dinner :p
She'll probably kick my A$$ out after a few minutes :D
Oh... and we got in the woods way too early. It was literally pitch black... all kinds of weird nosies and monsters in the dark.

This one series of noises I heard sound like a human pushing over a bunch of dead trees.
The old hunt or make more money? I opted for the latter. So, no afternoon hunting today...maybe thursday.
all kinds of weird nosies and monsters in the dark
MAYBE ?????????

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Had a buck come in and make a rub within ten yards of me in the dark. He raked a good sized tree, grunted and moved on. Way too dark to shoot.:(

Then around 7:45am I had three does munching on acorns. Two were at about 40 yards, and the other came into about 35 when I called to them. She was staring in my direction, looking for the "deer" when she realized her friends were leaving. She turned and stopped broadside in the large lane for one last look back, and I let her have it. Only she wanted nothing to do with it, and ducked the shot. Clean miss right over her back, where her vitals had been. She didnt react to the bow noise, but it seemed like the noise of the arrow might have spooked her. My bow is super quiet, but pretty slow, so she had a lot of time to react. Woulda been a perfect shot though....Dang deer and their lightning quick reaction times.

Fun morning though. Really seems the action is picking up. Kris found a fresh scrape, and that buck made the rub under me...The bucks are starting to get restless! [up]

Im really enjoying every minute out there! Hope you guys are getting out![up]
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Shot a Doe but a Bear got it and I wasn't going to argue with a Bear.
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