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1 of 5 Charity Euro Mounts (pix)

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So let me first start by clarifying the title...being that we didn't get the turnout we would have like for our charity dinner we hold every year (thanks everyone from here for attending) i have decided the money from my next 5 jobs I get will be added the the money we donate to the cure for juvenial diabetes. I always give them a good bit of $$ every year and this year the dinner just didnt produce so besides out of mine and my families pocket I decided the funds I get from my euro work will go to it as well.

Now here is the mount I just finished for a great kid who shot an awsome pig! I call this mount "Old Time Florida"...I like to put a theme to my mounts and this one is An Old Abandoned Fishing Village In Florida Overrun and Overgrown and INFESTED with PIGS! :)

Enjoy the pictures everyone...

Sorry for the poor pictures I'm no pro photographer thats for sure!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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