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06/05/05 Trail Cam Animals

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On the camera I had that tom and 3 hens. Where are the babies? Shouldn't they have babies by now?
That gobbler out smarted me this year... oh well.. there is always fall turkey...and/or next year.
Thats some nice pictures[up][up][up]As for the hens with young ones maybe they were to young to breed or they didnot make it.
Or freaking coyotes and bears eating them. [down]
I wish I could put my cam up like that and get pics, problem is, they get stolen.
I have a lock on mine...but if someone wanted to take it...they could.

I have it in a WMA.
i take the camera out of the box, remove the foam, lag bolt the camera to the tree then replace all the crap, close it up and lock it shut. GOOD LUCK!

ps: i hear that the coyotes arent doing half as much damage as the owls to the turkey population.[mad]
Little fuzzy turkeys have many enemies!!!! The fox population is out of control as well....Hawks, owls, coyotes, bears, bobcats, coy dogs just to name a few.....
Nice Pics Drag
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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